she knew she had to change her plans

Please teach me gently, how to breathe November 27, 2009

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Today is my second post of the week, as proposed last post.  I’ve just gone “jogging” today, after having a couple days off.  I really jog for maybe less than ten minutes out of the whole thirty that I’m out there, but I’m training.  I’m not a solid runner yet.  I’ve done this off and on since Summer, so I’m not really a pro.  Yet. 

I had a good Thanksgiving yesterday;  I ate once, then twice with the leftovers and now I’m back to the diet.  I’ve changed that up a bit too and now I’m not eating the bread, eating more veggies, and I feel lighter.  Of course, I’m still the same weight so, that whole I’m not going to worry about what the scale said bit will come in handy.  It doesn’t move.

It turns out that I don’t have ulcers, and just the gastro disease that means I have to take the medicine each day.  That’s good, especially since, as my Mister pointed out, it means I’m not trying to one up my dreaded ulcer.  My body will flair up if it feels like it and it’s not from anything I am or am not doing. (Aside from making sure I diet and exercise, as I have been.)

I have one week until I’m back with him too.  I’m so excited!  I have to clean this place up and finish up my classes but I’ll get it done.  I have to pack too.  I know what I’m taking but the washing and the stuffing into my suitcase is another event for the week.  At least I have his presents packed up and ready to go.  I just have to wrap when I get there.  That’s okay though.  Shopping for wrapping paper will be fun. 

It’s so wonderful how my life has changed so much.  I was thinking about how people find someone to be with, get married, have kids, stay around Florida, have the normal life.  But for me it’s different.  I was destined to go on the adventure across the pond to live.  I keep thinking about all the things that await me there.  Even the simple option of having a job and a job I love is there, among all the other great things that come with being with my Mister.  It’s a whole new life.  How many people get to say they can totally get up and get a new, better life after 30 years of monotonous nothing.  I was training then too, just like I am with my running.  I’ll keep going on the track and get better and better at running on it.


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