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The soul for getting down June 26, 2009

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If there is anyone who epitomizes my generation, it’s Michael Jackson. This isn’t from out teenage angst years, this is from our youth. That time when we were all alike and we all liked the same music. I remember wearing my Thriller album out and having to get another one. I remember watching this video over and over again. I remember having not one, but two, Michael Jackson Barbie dolls who was cooler than Ken any day. I remember Michael Jackson being the most amazing thing on television and knowing all the words to every song. A big part of my childhood was about his music.
I heard on the news this morning that people in my age group won’t think of Michael Jackson as the weirdo, or the alleged offender. We’ll think of his music and his icon status. I think that’s accurate. He was someone who brought great joy to us of our 80s generation and despite all of his problems and all of his eccentricities, we still were mesmerized by seeing him on stage.
I still believe he had a gentle soul and simply could not handle the real world. I don’t think he had the capacity to harm anyway and I think he was a target for exploitation and thieves who took advantage of him. This may or may not be true, but we’re not the ones to judge him. Now none of that matters anyway.
So Rest in Peace, Michael. I’m glad you are finally able to be free from any pain you had in life and are finally able to be yourself without scrutiny, shame or loneliness. You will be dearly missed and always in our hearts.


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