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I haven’t left here yet but I’m trying May 12, 2008

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Good Lord, this has been forever since I’ve written an update. Oh well, as I said last time, there’s nothing that poignant or relatively memorable to mention lately.

I finished up my submissions and editing and judging on submissions duties for my school’s lit magazine. I have a handful of stories I sent in (yes, I voted for myself) and a couple of book reviews. Even if one story gets added to this Spring/Summer edition, that will be one small step for my writing kind. At least I got everything done for the magazine that I said I would. There’s, of course, the matter of my actual classes though and I haven’t quite put everything together yet. But at least financial aid finally came through with my tuition money so I’m not longer getting late payment notices in the mail.

Still no work but I keep sending out the silly resumes. I read on Orlando Jobs that a lot of people are doing the same thing I’m doing and posting their resumes to every online job site they come across and it’s not working. While it’s not good news to know that all this pointless effort has been exerted for months now, it is nice to know that I’m not the only one out here who is getting sick and tired of getting scam replies, or no replies at all.

But with this time on my hands I’ve been reading and working and trying my hardest to just get caught up on all the things I want to do with my time. Cleaning has been one of my main objectives as well. It’s sad that, honestly, not having to have your life wasted day by day, working for someone else, worrying about someone else’s meaningless rules and guidelines, and having your life for yourself isn’t as easy as it really should be. Hopefully once I have my degree in, I can work for some online colleges as well as adjunct for the local community colleges and then I’ll at least be working in my desired field. While the idea of having a job that lacks a lot of responsibility, like a secretary, does sound awfully nice, I probably would, as most people say they do, get bored with it really quick. But, again, all of this time of running around, having complete freedom to do what I want; I can see why people opt for being poor and true to themselves, or, hell, marrying for money, just so they can stay home and only worry about themselves from 9-5. Too bad we have to rely on someone else to hand us over some cash every two weeks, otherwise we’d all be a hell of a lot happier.

Anyway, the brush fires, and the wind, and the high pollen count and the fact that it’s now sping time, are all making my allergies kick into high gear. I’ve had that gross, sicky head and stomach feeling all day because of all of this stuff in the air.

My parents are on their way back from Ohio so I’m sure coming through the state will be oodles of fun since the traffic was, last time I watched the news, at a parking lot stand-still in some places. Very nice. I can’t wait for my parents to get back. I am totally ready for an excuse to buy a belated Mother’s Day cake. Those two mini cupcakes I had earlier just didn’t cut it (but I’m sure they helped my stomach, huh?)

And while I’m at it, I’ll mention that Lost has been really good and I’m liking the two theories that either Jacob is related to everyone on the island, or is just the manifestation of whoever goes into the cabin (meaning “Jacob” tells them what they already know or want to hear.) I’m going to cry this week, I’ve already decided. After seeing the trailer where the plane door opens to see people waiting for them at home; you know they’re going to have all that dramatic music and will make it as emotional as possible. I love that show! Now that Charlie is dead or whatever (I’m still waiting for him to come swimming to shore one of these days), I’ve thrown all of my love and devotion to Locke as my favorite character (for many different reasons, of course.) But, nonetheless, I still can’t get that image of Jack without a scar, running around in a towel with his matador physic. Television just doesn’t get any better than that.

Speaking of which, I have to mention the two new discoveries for the Brit Guy collection: Jonas Armstrong, (good name, by the way), who is the new Robin Hood (where has he been these past two years; I’ve just now seen the ads, and the show, on BBC America) and Ben Barnes (another good name), who is Prince Caspian (I didn’t think he was that great looking at first and was actually kinda disappointed that they chose him, but after seeing him on an interview, I totally changed my mind.)

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