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The joy of repetition really is in you April 30, 2008

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Since I don’t really have anything to report in a blog update, I snagged this picture and decided to make, yet another, random list of things to mention:

— After watching The Shape of Things to Come last week, I can see how they’re making it seem as if Sawyer is going to die, along with Claire and, hence, the baby, Aaron will have to be taken with Hurley, Kate and Jack. For the first time, I actually felt a tad sorry for Ben and I loved how they’re (seemingly?) tying up some loose ends as far as how things happened and what exactly the black smoke is. (Time travelling black hole that brings animals, people, etc. back and forth through time. If you get stuck in a black hole, you get eaten up into oblivion.) But Sawyer simply can’t die and I’m sure he’s going to hide from the “bad guys” and find Locke while everyone else leaves the island.

Something Nice Back Home, tomorrow’s episode, doesn’t have any info online yet, but according to my cable box info: “Juliet and Kate must work together to save Jack when his health is seriously compromised; something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Miles and Aaron head back to the beach.” Again, they’re trying to hint at Sawyer having something happen to him so he may or may not die along with Claire. I wonder whose flashback / flashforward will be the focus for this episode. I’m guessing Claire since she’s probably going to be killed off soon.

— Speaking of what happened when and how everyone is connected, Dominic Monaghan was on MadTV with a “Domi-Lost” skit. It’s not as funny as SNL would do (because I never watch MadTV and don’t care for anyone on the show as far as I’ve ever in the past) but I’m glad I happened to see that this was on. This other skit was wrong but funny as hell.

— Aside from Lost (which I was so glad to have back, by the way), we only have four more episodes of The Tudors left. I must say, I am very happy with the character change that Henry is taking on. I like that, despite his conscience telling him that killing More is wrong, he is so bloody arrogant and hot headed, that he has to go along with his original ideas, just so he won’t admit that he was wrong. And I can totally see how he’s going to see the opportunity to change his mind, without taking blame, after Katherine dies and killing Anne off will give him a fresh start in the legitimate, male heir, please England, love me again, department. I also like how Jonathan Rhys Meyers is getting a bit bigger and taking on the shape of a Greek statue. No complaints here. I just wish his eyes didn’t make him look like he’d been snatched by aliens from time to time.

— In personal news, nothing, I repeat, nothing else has been going on. I got a call from a place I applied for as a secretary last week. The guy went over my information and said he’d call back but never did. {shrug} So all I can count on is the school loan money that will come supposedly by the end of summer (which isn’t much of a relief since we haven’t even started summer yet.) But I have stuff to do for my grad program’s literature magazine so that will give me the much needed incentive to get the work that I’ve been putting off done in a couple of weeks.

— Since things have been so boring lately, it’s hard to want to be jazzed about what I’m reading and working on. I mean, I have fleeting moments of glee when I come up with some interesting plot twist or opinion on the author I’ve pick up from the shelf (the library has been sending me bills already because one of my shelves is full of three month overdue books.) But all in all, it’s a very humdrum kind of routine I have around here. If there were anything exciting, I’d be more inclined to discuss something other than random acts of television watching.

— I did clean up the sidebar on my blog so that the widgets wouldn’t (presumably) slow the site down. I can’t stand how the new WordPress widget editor is set up though. You’re supposed to drag and drop them where you want them in the sidebar but, instead, they run off to the bottom or top of the screen once you unclick them in the spot you want them to be in. It’s like trying to color within the lines with an optical mouse. They’re only so much hand-eye coordination that I can handle at a time, especially when I’m doing a trial and error system to see what script codes will work in the widget text boxes.

So anyway, that’s all I have to put on the electronic blog table right now. I am sure I’ll think of something interesting in the next couple of days but until then, I’m going back to the television, the bookshelf, the legal pad and the Word files. There’s so much I still have to get done.

And this is nice. Now that Keith told me that I “should get rid of the UTW plugin, as it doesn’t work in any version of WP past 2.3 anyway…” in order for CTC to work, I lost all of my tags. Very nice. I just had to reload and activate UTW again so my post tags would come back. Now they’re in my post editor but they don’t show up in the preview. Sigh…what’s happening with this?

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