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The island won’t let you March 29, 2008

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All right, I know this post is way later than usual but since Lost is on hold for a month, I didn’t see much point in going into much more musing detail. The sixth episode explained plenty and confirmed a couple of theories. Micheal is the man on the boat, fine. We all pretty much were handed that spoiler on a paper plate. Then a man named Widmore staged the whole wreckage footage, paid all the money to unearth bodies and buy an airplane just to sink it in a trench too far and too expensive to ever recover. Two points for me for.
What I don’t understand is how Desmond got to the island years ago, with a boat given to him by Libby way before this whole Oceanic crash happened. How the hell long has Widmore been keeping tabs on this island?
For the next few episodes, when the “war” starts and they show how everyone gets off the island, I’m still saying that Claire’s getting the axe from the show too. In the new promo for the rest of season four, it shows Hurley holding Aaron and saying something about Claire. (“Did you check Claire’s house?” Is that what he says?) Anyway, it indicates that she’s going to die, hence why Aaron is taken off the island by Kate.
I am sort of confused why they killed Rousseau off. I mean, can’t they use her in a lot of the past and present explanations? Someone said maybe they’ll just use her story in a flashback through Alex‘s perspective or something. I didn’t love her character or anything, I’m just surprised that they took away someone who has been on the island for eons and could really help them out with explanations. Whatever.
I watched the first episode again too and I still want to know why it wasn’t only Hurley who could see Charlie. The patient, Lewis, comes up and says, “I’d be careful if I were you, there’s a guy over there staring at you.” What’s that about anyway? You have to be crazy to be able to see dead people? Hhmm…
I wanted to mention that I’m annoyed with the whole time change on the episodes now. Didn’t they figure out last time that everyone wants it on at 9 instead of 10. Why can’t they ever learn? Now we’ll just have to tape it and watch it over the weekend or something. So freaking annoying. Good job, ABC, way to piss a million viewers off. Again!

Now, for not Lost stuff…
I finished up three stories this week that I wanted to use for my final manuscript. However, I haven’t sat here and typed everything up yet. I had the longer piece I haven’t gone back to yet and, as usual, I keep putting it off for as long as I can. The thing is, with these online classes we’re all working on our own and occasionally talking to the professor or one another. So far I’ve talked to one girl in my class who said that she’s taking an incomplete for the course because she hasn’t been able to work on her manuscript right now. I emailed the professor earlier this week and made sure he knew that I planned on getting some more “editable” stuff to him as soon as possible. He just said “okay” and that was that. I don’t even know if we have an extra week in here for Spring Break or when the class is officially over and when I’ll have to talk to my professor again on the phone. {Shrug} But I plan on sending him what new things I type up this weekend and send it to him. I’m just not sure that all in all, everything will be at the right page length. Sigh…

Plus, tonight I’m going out to see my long lost friends who chose a family over all night clubbing. Go figure. But the thing is, Fran is with her husband in Tampa and won’t be back until later tonight (I’m on dog sitting duty, by the way, and have already been over there last night and this morning) so she won’t be going with me. So later on I’m going to have to call my friends up and see when they’re getting downtown and where they plan on parking because I really don’t feel like taking on the scary parking garage on my own.

What else did I have to mention? Oh yes. The Raconteurs put out a new video featuring the cutest guy on the planet. (I swear, I’d love to take that boy home and make him a sandwich.) I’d like to buy the new album but I have to be thrifty and keep my petty cash for silly things like bills and food. I just can’t do it right now. I wonder when they’ll finally schedule an Orlando show date. Last time it was sometime around my birthday so by early fall they should come around.
The Tudors: Season Two has started but I have to wait until Fran can sit and watch it with me. Maybe we’ll exchange this as our regular Thursday night ritual. Hhmm…
Billy Corgan sued Virgin.
And She Wants Revenge plays in Orlando on May 22nd.

Other than that, I think I’m out of things to really talk about right now. Nothing really interesting has happened except for writing, watching TV and listening to music. Same ‘ol same ‘ol. At least now I can end the weekend with a blog update and a night out. Gold star!

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