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I remembered, hey, I forgot to get her picture March 22, 2008

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UPDATE: While I’m posting this today, the entry was written last Thursday. I just got hung up in my holiday social events so I didn’t get to post it untli now. I’ll write another one to really update my blog…

Saturday, as a special treat by my second family, I went to the Tampa Bay Lightning game. While sports are not my thing, going to a game proved to be quite fun. When asked who I wanted to win, I replied, “I don’t know. I am going because I was promised cute hockey players and hot chocolate.” That was reason enough for me.
It ended up being a really nice day; it was warm and breezy. We got downtown early, had dinner, walked around the pavilion before going into the game. I agreed with Fran that number four was defiantly the hot one. The pictures I took were from the nose bleed section with the digital zoom on 16x, so while they are good color wise, they aren’t that clear. But still I gave it a shot to see what my precious little Canon SD850 IS can do in such conditions.

From my Firestats, I found it interesting that these are the things that people end up at my site due to the following search terms:
Justin Timberlake: (402)
icicles: (387)
Evangeline Lily: (302)
Dominic Monaghan: (266)
Dave Chapelle (spelled wrong): (115)
Courtney Love: (85)
Owen Wilson (even though I only wrote one past about him): (79)
Orlando Bloom: (51)
She Wants Revenge “This is Forever”: (43)

I also have been spending the past couple of days messing with my post at BAYB about how Sphinn cancelled the two accounts I tried to set up, without reason. It was frustrating to read all the comments that kept pointing fingers at me claiming that I was some evil, bad spammer who was trying to use the system for profit. But after getting some user comments, apparently there are rules that I should know about already (that don’t pertain to any other similar link networking site other than Sphinn) and they didn’t feel it necessary to contact me or respond to my numerous email queries about my account. Whatever. Now I have socializing bookmark capabilities to every service but Sphinn.

So tomorrow is Good Friday and tonight is Lost. Then there’s Easter Sunday and whatever all that may entail for the day. I still have to figure out where I’m going and what I’m doing the next four days. That’s why I decided to post this entry now while I had time to sit here and type away about random stuff.

I went to another interview on Monday and seeing as it was a library clerk job at the university, I wore my most capable looking outfit, hair in a bun, sensible (Sketchers) shoes and a pretty, spring colored blouse (that still had green for St. Patrick’s Day and black to go with everything within the pattern.) So I get there and try to talk myself up about how I can totally do this minimum wage job because I’ve been involved with the university, education and books for years now. But maybe I didn’t give the magic words. All I know is, the two guys who interviewed me looked like they went to the club and I could have impressed their tattooed, nose ringed, black clad affiliations better had I worn my hair in Princess Leia buns and put on my White Stripes shirt. I even took off the gunmetal gray nailpolish that morning so I wouldn’t look “gothic” as any profession, mainly education, sorely frowns upon. Sheesh…so much for going with my instincts. Plus I won’t hear back from them for up to three more weeks anyway so I think I’m going to have to go to a place in town and sign up as a telemarketer (yes, I know, I’ve become part of the system I’ve worked my whole life to denounce) but my school loans for my “next pay period” won’t come in until August (when I only have one class left, mind you) so I can’t fight the system anymore. I have no money for rent or utilities, let alone the tuition that will get me out of the system’s cycle. Utterly ridiculous. I swear, this country does not give a damn about poor people, even if they are trying to better themselves. I mean, what happened to all that hoopla we were always told when we were first going into college about how we don’t have to worry about the cost of tuition if we’re trying to get a higher education. Obviously the education doesn’t make a lick of difference as I sit here with a Bachelor’s degree from a state university, more than 20 graduate credit hours, a retirement plan, a decent employment history and a huge chunk of my initial loan debts paid off. What the hell else can I do? I never expected my educational and career field to give me anything than the basic comforts of life, but this is ridiculous.

Anyway, enough of my tangents for the day. If I don’t get back tomorrow about Lost then I will as soon as possible. Happy Easter, ya’ll!

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