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Do not trust the captain March 14, 2008

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After watching Ji Yeon and distinctly hearing Yunjin Kim on The View saying that after her episode this week we would know who the Oceanic Six are, here are my theories:

The Six are: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun and Aaron.
Claire dies, standing to reason why she would allow Kate to take the baby off the island. Also, by making Aaron have Kate’s last name and portraying him to be her son, he cannot be adopted by the couple who was to meet Claire in California after the crash. Jack is Aaron’s uncle and can’t have any connection to him to protect his identity in correlation with Claire.
Lock and Sawyer are alive and stay behind with whoever else is alive when the Six get off the island.
The funeral that Jack goes to is for Matthew Abaddon. Jack starts freaking out and acting crazy because now that Ben and Sayid have finally killed off The Economist who has made some deal for them to keep the secret that there are still survivors on the island, Jack feels that he should now go back.
Charles Widmore is out to protect the validity of his new found money making project and wants to “exploit this island”. He can’t do that with trouble makers in the way, so he’s sent people to clear out and cover up whatever they know about the history and events of the place. Desmond is there because Penny’s dad knew he would wreck there. Putting him on an island where he could keep an eye on him, and away from his daughter, didn’t work out as well as it should have once he found out about a plane wreck that would have survivors on it. Hence a big budget fake plane wreck to flash all over a corrupt media report. Once Penny got the message from Charlie, her Dad knew the jig was up, so he sent the little freighter unit to explore the place. The main objective is, as Ben claims, to kill everyone on this island, just as he did before. Ben’s out for revenge, that’s why he wanted Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke and Sayid to be on his side to begin with, so they can help him get rid of Widmore and everyone who’s doing his dirty work.
And I was right, Jin is the one who’s doing to die. But whether he’s really dead or not is confusing. And Hurley coming to see Sun after the baby is born, is right before his crazy rampage that leads him back to the psyche ward.
Michael got to the freighter and gave them a fake name. He’s the man on the boat and has been communicating with Ben this whole time. Where’s Walt? Maybe he’s on the second island and Ben’s using the idea that Walt is back home to use Michael as a spy. I guess we’ll see next week, right?

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