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Trust me, Jack, you don’t want to see my file March 7, 2008

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All right, let’s talk about Lost.

First of all, I loved Desmond’s episode The Constant. It was wonderfully edited and it didn’t waste time. There was moment after moment that kept me engaged in everything that was happening. So now with that episode we get a good sense of how the Survivors are “trapped” in time or, as the enhanced version pointed out, “unstuck in time”, in reference to Slaughterhouse Five, one of my favorite books. I love them for adding that in.
So I’ll just run down the list of things we’ve talked about in email today:

Please do not waste my time with any more flashbacks about Juliet. I don’t care about her or how much Ben likes her. They could have talked about that in some little conversation and been done with it. Totally worthless episode.
Michael is probably the “man on their boat” and he never got back to the real world, but just stopped at the boat, told them what was going on and, hence, they got more information from him about everyone there. Whether or not Ben did this on purpose isn’t clear but he would know once Michael left, the closest thing would be that boat and he would stop there in hopes of a rescue.
They may also have Walt on “the second island” to test him. The fact that he is taller is just something they had to discuss because the actor grew up in between seasons.
However, the fact that past, present and future could all be happening at the same time would make sense as to why people can see those who are dead.
It also explains the polar bear fossilized and why Walt can show up whenever he wants…he apparently has special gifts that are connected to the time travelling ability. Maybe he can just do this one his own.
I like the theory that Walt is the one in the coffin who Jack goes to see and Walt’s ghost is the one who Miles talks to at the grandmother’s house. I’m totally buying that theory right now because Walt is key in all major events. Him being the catalyst for Jack’s guilt and need to return to the island would make perfect sense. So Walt would be one of the Six?
But I’m still confused about Claire. For starters she hasn’t shed a tear for Charlie since hearing he died for her, mind you. And now she’s willing to be a negotiator for Locke? I’m still not convinced that the Aaron that Kate has in the future is Claire’s Aaron. If she was told before the crash that she was the only one who could protect her son, then there is no way she would hand him over to Kate. Unless she dies and, honestly, I’m okay with that too.
It annoys the crap out of me that all the Survivors just go along with something without worrying about it. Yes, they’ve been stranded on an island for 90+ days, but just hopping in some strange old guy’s helicopter is just ridiculous. I mean, Sayid can handle himself, but Jack’s just sort of “Okay, no problem,” when he should be concerned.
Which brings me back to the whole time Jack was with The Others, hanging out with Juliet and Ben at those houses while Kate and Sawyer were prisoners. We stopped trusting Jack and then he redeemed himself by going against Ben and trying to get rescued. But no one talks about that shady time with Jack’s character, which makes me wonder if Ben told Jack that if he doesn’t hook up with Juliet and protects her, then he can leave the island. I think Jack has some info that he’s hiding to protect Kate and everyone else.
Charlotte needs to be shot. After she hit Kate over the head, she should have been shot.
And why isn’t anyone mentioning that weird look of recognition that Kate gave Charlotte when she first saw her and Faraday at the stream? It was a deliberate, odd, brief exchange of looks like, “Holy shit, it’s you!” But no one else is commenting on that so maybe it was suppose to be a look of “What are you doing?”
It’s been brought up as well that Locke is really looking weak and insecure by letting Ben lure him in the way he has been. Good point. I seriously doubt Ben is going to “tell you everything” with one Red Sox’s tape and a file about Penny’s father.
And what the hell was up with that anyway? Why would Penny’s father be spending money to find the island and then having someone (Desmond, who the hell is that blindfolded in the video?) beaten up killed? And who taped that in the first place?
And Ben lies! Where the hell are “his people” and The Others if that stupid widow of Goodwin can bring a message from Ben to Juliet, saying to stop Charlotte and Faraday? Are they on the “second island” and he’s still communicating with them without Locke knowing about it? I’m with Locke. I don’t trust Ben or Charlotte or Faraday (even though he and Desmond have to stay alive for one another now) or Miles or Juliet or Jack for “choosing” Juliet, or any of The Others. Obviously Locke is right about this and Jack is so freaking stubborn he just won’t listen to his instincts.

Anyway, I love that it at least seems to be coming together and we’re moving on into another phase of the story of the island survivors but, again, that damn Juliet episode last night made me stop feeling a real progression coming on. I’m still saying they’re going to do episodes, if not a whole season, of the Six back home and the ones they left behind on the island. Even if they don’t name Locke or Sawyer as one of the Six, it doesn’t mean they died.

Oh and one last thing…notice how there’s always something about Florida in this show?

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