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You see I’ve got this soul it’s all fired up March 6, 2008

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When I think of things that make me a suitable match for domestic partnership with a guy, I try to think of the positive, female qualities that I possess: kindness, honesty, loyalty, intelligence, sense of humor, education, etc. Cooking, however, is not on this list. I managed to successfully start an actual fire in my microwave last night by keeping a fillet of frozen fish in on high power for just a bit too long. As I was getting out the dishes, I thought I smelled something, okay I’ll say it, fishy and when the timer went off I opened up the little microwave door and a huge cloud of yellow smoke billowed out. I have a small apartment so the smoke filled the entire place. The smoke detector went off (this is why I took down the ones that are attached to the sprinkler system) and I immediately had to turn on every fan and vent on in every room, open the patio door and try to get that nauseating smoke out. I sprayed every possible air freshener imaginable but today I am still getting a whiff of that nauseating smell every once in a while. My guess is the icky smell has gotten into every soft surface I own and I can only keep cleaning and spraying and airing things out until it finally goes away. Disgusting.
Needless to say, I am never cooking frozen fish in the microwave again. My positive attributes paid off and I’m smart enough to learn that some things really do require a stove.

This was the conclusion of a nice day where I randomly wrote a nice, concise five page story that just came out of the blue. I love when that happens. I thought of the opening sentence, sat on my patio with my pink legal pad and throughout the day, let the bits and pieces come together. Now, if every day could be like that, minus the fire in the kitchen, I would be the most content person on the planet.

In the same subject area, my professor wrote me last night saying he would call me to follow up on my manuscript today. I emailed him back this morning and told him to call any time but now I’ve realized that from 8-10 I’ll be busy. It’s Thursday, you know, and Lost is on. Supposedly after the Sun and Jin episode we’ll learn who all of the “Oceanic Six” are so I’m excited to see if my predictions were right. (I’m predicting that Jin dies.) I’ll have to write at least a small follow up entry tomorrow after I’ve watched the last two episodes tonight and get caught up with the Desmond episode.

Today I had a phone interview with an investment company. The ad at Career Builder said it was an office job in one of the towns nearby (still a 30 minute drive for me) but I had to call the company’s 1-800 to set up the interview, which I found odd. Then I had to print out, fill out and fax back a 12 page application. Today during the phone interview I was made aware that the job only offers a salary of $25k tops to start and that’s low for even an entry level job around here. Not that any job wouldn’t be great but even the jobs at the university (for which I have another interview in a couple of weeks) starts at $28k and they’re only asking you to have a high school diploma and run a desk. In a large investment cooperation you would think they would want a more competitive salary if they’re hell bent on recruitment, you know? I’ll just keep my prayers on the university job (if it’s a good one for me) and not worry about the one I am waiting to hear back from after this phone interview.
Phone interviews are pretty stupid too, by the way. They ask all sorts of hackneyed questions, type up your answers and then put them in your file. Why not just add these questions to the application and let me type them out myself? The purpose is to screen potential employees and I can understand that, but if they want to see if they want you to come in for a face to face interview, why not eliminate the second part of the process and get down to the face to face interview at the local office in the first place?

Let’s see…oh yeah…my school hasn’t given me any word on my current loan application and I still haven’t paid for my current class. I don’t know how long they’ll let me keep taking classes with an overdue bill but I’m still set up for everything through November. All I can do is hope that they let the bill add up and when the loan comes through later on, I can pay it off then. I’m excited about my last three classes because they are literature oriented. I contacted the English department chair and she said that my theme class would be on Utopian literature. How cool!

IBar has the Wednesday night 80’s Ladies Nite again. Very nice for the preparation for summer, I must say.

Oh yeah, and Sunday afternoon I went with Fran and the girls to see The Other Boleyn Girl, which lifted my spirits a lot. The movie did have obvious elaborations and rumors intertwined with the historical accuracy (I’ve never read the books so I wasn’t expecting anything) but I liked it a lot more than the critics did. It’s not The Tudors by any stretch though. I don’t think anyone is going to be a better Henry VIII than Jonathan Rhys Meyers, no matter what kind of drinking binges and rehab he has to go through after each season. His Henry is much more sympathetic, interesting, realistic and engaging. The movie didn’t give Eric Bana a chance to compete with his performance (even though I love him). I think J. R. Meyers is always going to be Henry VIII from now on. No contest.

Some of the Converse @ Target stuff was on clearance so I snagged the dress I wanted. I rationalized that I need it for my upcoming interview and Easter mass, which is ridiculously soon.

All in all, I’m on an upswing, which is very nice. I’m hoping whatever little tricks have been working stay with me each day until I can get back into working again and have something other than myself to worry about twenty-four hours a day. I think reading short stories and then getting the fervent belief that I can write just as well, if not better (as my ego-centric alter ego believes) is really keeping me abreast of my main goals. With that in check, everything else falls in a sub category and the lack of job and lack of boyfriend doesn’t prevail as much. It’s a very comforting feeling. Too bad it doesn’t always stick around when I need it (which seems ironic, doesn’t it? As if a man is something to replace that feeling of comfort. Hhmm…)

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