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Light up. As if you had a choice. February 26, 2008

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While I have a chance to update on the wonderful world of Disney central…

So this morning it was preparation for storm that started in Georgia and slowly moved down into St. Augustine and Orlando. Now, by 3 o’clock, it’s massive power outages that will help to make things even more hesitant and chaotic. Thanks be to God that I have my A/C still working. I took my shower while I could and turned the refrigerator temperature up a bit, just in case. (Of course I finally went to the store on Sunday and stocked up so I have plenty of food in there that could spoil if not kept cold. I should have stayed home and watched the Oscars instead.) I am pleased with myself though, that I decided to spend the ten bucks on the LED nightlight slash flashlight slash emergency light when I was at the pharmacy last week.

Not that I keep up with the blog all that much, not as much as I usually do, or should. But, if I’m not back updating Twitter or Pownce after a while, you’ll know that we had major electrical problems around here. Sigh…and it’s not even hurricane season. At least it’s not in the dead heat of summer when these problems usually arise. Ugh.

Photo credit: Yahoo! News


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