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It’s because of these things December 29, 2007

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skulls and comp books

I need to write a book entitled, “How to be a Dummy for Anyone and Everyone”. I have no idea why it is so easy for me to overlook the simplest of details so that I screw myself over in the end.

I’m sitting here, checking my email at my decent hour of noon on a Saturday morning over Christmas break, when I get an email from one of the girls in my class asking a few of us if we can finally get around to critiquing her manuscript. I replied back with “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I thought the Workshops didn’t start until next month.” We are off school until the 7th and I was glad to be sitting here, not having to worry about any of it for a while. But I went online anyway to see if she was posting her manuscript early and wanted some feedback sooner than required. Of course, my jump to such conclusions was wrong and I discovered that we had been working on manuscripts, since the beginning of December, and I hadn’t known.

I wrote another reply to everyone and said that I had misunderstood because my manuscript wasn’t due until January. Sure enough, the professor had said before that we were to begin posting manuscripts and critiques in the Document Sharing section instead of the discussion board like every other class I had taken before organized them. In the Document Sharing section I have about twenty manuscripts to read and critique. I sent an email to the professor and told her that I was sorry that I had missed that whole thing. I was thinking that we started posting for the workshops next month in the discussion board for the week like the classes usually do. I also mentioned that I hoped I wasn’t the only one who screwed this up and that it had already been a crazy month anyway.

How in the hell do I sit here with something stuck in my head and proceed obliviously to any contrary elements? I already missed my freaking rent payment at the beginning of the month and then kept screwing it up and making the payment later because I kept trying to leave a check in the rent drop box even though they wrote me two letters saying that late rent can only be paid in the form of a money order. At least I was one of sixteen residents who did the same thing though but that didn’t deter the landlord from charging me a $100 late fee for the month.

Then there was my insurance that I dismissed and figured it was paid even though I was, in fact, paying $200 a month for back months that I didn’t even have insurance. Then there was the handkerchiefs that I bought Dad for Christmas that I couldn’t find but discovered that they were simply in the trunk where the rest of the gifts had been stored. Then there was the stupidity over not refilling my allergy pill prescription and realizing at one in the morning on Friday that I hadn’t refilled that even though I had gone to the doctor to get it prescribed for the month. Then there was my school loan money that I thought was coming and would pay for me well through my program and now it’s definitely dwindling to frightening numbers. Etc. etc. etc.

Why in the hell do I do this all the freaking time? It’s so frustrating. No wonder I procrastinate and don’t put 110% into anything; I get lost in the details and don’t even pay attention to the glaring, obvious errors in my midst. Sigh…

Now I will have to take my “break” time to go through all of these manuscripts and critique them. It’s not a huge deal and I can manage but, damn, I just get so freaking mad at myself because I’m so dense and naive sometimes. And here I was thinking that I was fairly intelligent. Sheesh…Some ego bursting there, huh?

Aside from this little glitch, as you can see by my chosen photo for today’s post, I have started on my photoblog capabilities with my new camera. These little skulls were part of my stupid little gifts that the girls give me here and there. After seeing lomokev’s picture, I tried the idea out for myself. Granted I’m still getting the hang of the fine details of the camera, but I thought this was a cute idea with the black, red and white contrast. (It’s always about those colors and skulls and notebooks with me, isn’t it?)

Anyway, what I am having a problem with is the stupid LCD screen protector always folding up and coming undone. I’d like to just forget having one on there because I’ve tried to apply a couple of them and they just will not stay put. It’s quite frustrating.

But I’ll keep looking for things to get good shots of with my camera. Last night I was thinking about where I could go to take good pictures and felt like some odd stalker as I quietly drove around the waterfront homes, scoping out interesting Christmas light displays. I decided that since I have the camera, I’m going to use it, regardless of my fear of being wondered about. At least, that’s my resolution for the New Year, along with “get a job” and “lose ten pounds.”

Photo credit: deloresdefacto


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