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Everything I am will be bought and sold December 18, 2007

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So here’s what happened. As predicted, my scam of a web host finally went down and my site was saying that my account was suspended. How can it be suspended when it was a base-line fee for lifetime hosting? I even checked the web host’s main homepage and they had a suspended account as well. Go figure. So I wanted to try the other guy’s web hosting that, again, I bought on Ebay as “lifetime” at a base price. I can’t log into that web host’s FTP server at all so my guess is that he was a scam too. (Hell, it was probably the same guy.)

I then went on the usual search for a good web host and decided on GoDaddy because they’re reputable. I shelled out the money and luckily went with them because I had the worst time setting up my WordPress databases on the new servers. (I chose a Windows hosting package instead of a Linxus hosting package; keep this in mind next time. You must choose a Linxus hosting plan when using WordPress. Windows won’t allow you to use PHP. The more you know…)

By the time I figured out how to backup the WordPress database files correctly: again, something to be aware of, don’t bother having the Firestats tables included in your backup database files. All it does is make the file too large to import. I had to cut and paste each table to import it that way; into smaller files. It’s not a huge pain in the ass but it takes some time and patience.

And that’s precisely what happened. I lost patience after doing this and getting no where every day. Finally, after I knew the GoDaddy host was changed to Linux and I had mySQL files cut into a smaller size (I just eliminated all the Firestats tables) then I went to putting the damn thing back up. Plus I found out that when it says it can’t find your wp-header file, it just means to put a copy of it into your root directory. I swear, if it weren’t for the WordPress forums, I would never get this thing working.

And here I am, with a site that’s up again and even upgraded to WP 2.3. I’m so proud of myself even though it did take a freaking week to get it done. Sigh…

Photo credit: manu contreras


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