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Give me a reason to be beautiful December 5, 2007

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I ordered my camera, yet again. This time I chose NewEgg because they’re offering a 1GB memory card and a case, plus free shipping and an optional $3 rush processing. Plus, they’re supposed to be listed as “excellent” in the buyer’s reviews and the price was the same as every place else so I just went with them.

Now, as far as stupid little things that have been going on, I have a lot I can try and cram in here. First of all, I forgot to pay my rent. Uh huh. Forgot. The rent was due on Saturday obviously and I thought about putting the rent in during Thanksgiving break but since it was at a weird time this year and we had that whole blank week between Thanksgiving and the beginning of December, I just forgot to put the check in. I figured that during Thanksgiving no one would be there for a while and it was too early to pay it and it would get lost or something. Then about a hundred stupid things happened that made me lose my concentration and not until Tuesday night when my mother casually asked about my rent check, did I even realize that I had forgotten. This is what I get for bitching about how much she’s been driving me crazy for months.
So, I put the check in that night and Wednesday, yesterday, they sent up a letter saying that I owed the $100 late fee for the rent and was indebted to the complex and blah blah blah. I knew it would happen and I couldn’t blame anyone but myself, so I didn’t panic. Just wrote out a new, extravagant check and dropped it in the night slot with a note saying, “Sorry, this just totally slipped my mind.”
To top off my proof of insanity plea, later that night as I was cooking the ramen noodles and Lean Pockets that I considered dinner (I have money to eat but I’m trying to not, so I make myself deal with anything but fast food) I looked over the letter that they had sent up and I had skimmed over the part that said, “We do not accept personal checks after the 2nd.” Freaking lovely. I swear, I need some kind of brain food or something if I can manage to screw up something like that just by overlooking a couple of basic instructions. Sheesh.
Anyway, so this morning I got up at the usual 8:45 (no idea why this has been the trend but I’ve been watching Regis and Kelly in the morning’s now too due to the new habit.) I had to call the landlord, tell him that I was sorry that I messed that up and would go to the the bank and get a money order. He said that was fine and sixteen other people in my building had done the same thing because of the weird calendar and the holiday times. He said some people were into the problem with being late on the water bill and looking at a “rent not paid” situation and not being able to get their rent paid right now until their bill was up to date. Thank God that wasn’t my situation. I paid this month’s bill that’s not due until later this month, already, just to make sure everything was in order. Plus, like the landlord suggested, when I gave them the money order, I also gave them a check for New Year’s to cover rent when that comes around because, again, the possibility of forgetting is going to be very likely.
But that’s not all. I went to the bank when they opened and went into the drive-thru and filled out the little blue withdraw form that offers a “money order” option for your withdraw. However, the cashier said that they don’t make out money orders through the drive thru. Okay…why? I had my ID, my account number, my everything…why? But I went into the bank reluctantly anyway with my messy pony tail and unwashed face to get my banking done. Plus it was freaking freezing outside and I really didn’t want to get out of the car. The cashier wanted to have me get an “official bank check” but I told her I wasn’t going to risk that if the landlord specifically said “money order or cashier’s check.” An official check isn’t the same and I’ll be damned if I’m going to screw things up for a third time.
See how good I am at messing things up without even trying? No wonder I’m an over-thinker; I assume I’m going to miss something somewhere and annihilate any chance of harmony I could ever have.

I also got my hair cut on Tuesday night. I was out doing something other than paying my bills and it occurred to me that I should just go and get it done while no one was at the salon. Of course I went there and my regular lady wasn’t working and the other lady that I liked had a guy’s hair cut to take care of so I ended up with a white trash lady who did a good job but she just was not professional at all. And I don’t like to be mean to anyone and I don’t feel comfortable complaining about something like that because it makes me feel like I’m overreacting and just “snitching” (as my kids use to call it) and just being a bitch. But I guess most people will speak up and say, “I don’t think this is right.” I’m getting better at it but when it comes to someone’s person, I just feel mean.
What she did was the typical hairdresser bullshit of taking too long on a simple thing because she wanted to talk. And asking me questions and having a normal conversation is fine, and if I know the person, I always ask how their kids are and their husbands and pets or whatever. But I didn’t know who this lady was and she told me about her boyfriend being an alcoholic and spending all of her money and how her daughter had a baby that she was helping take care of and how people at the salon pissed her off but she would never do anything because she would lose her license and she didn’t have money to pay her mortgage and she wanted to work with the school board instead because “these days they kick the bad ones out a lot easier.” Of course I told her that wasn’t true and it was actually the opposite of true anymore. And I did the “uh-huhs” and the “oh, really?s” but all in all it was annoying and I felt bad for her and was polite but I would never have her do my hair again. So now Fran and I either have the option of just having her sister cut it or go to our regular lady. And we use to have a lady who did the best job but she moved to California so her boss if the one who does our hair now. She’s nice but she’s having a lot of problems with her employees; here’s a perfect example. I want to tell her about it next time I see her but, again, I don’t want to be a “snitch.”
Of course, I told my mother about it so I’m sure when she’s in there next time, she’ll tell the whole shop and I’ll end up with death threats in my mailbox signed by this lady’s alcoholic trailer park ex-con of a boyfriend. Sigh…
Let’s see, what else? Oh yes, I ordered my Canon Pixma MX300 so I can have everything in one piece of hardware. Aside from that and the camera, I don’t know what else I want for Christmas. I think Laura is getting me the new White Stripes shirt and I could order the new singles they have with Beck but that’s not a must-have right now. I wanted perfume too but I don’t need to waste money on that right now either.

I want to make my own blogging site; you know, stuff about blogging with links and articles and everything but I don’t know if it’s worth it. It seems so much easier to just add my opinions on the subject into my very long personal entries. As Darren Hoyt pointed out; the magazine theme is much slicker and more organized for blog posts with categories. I really should separate them but when I have a lot to say, it’s so much easier to write everything out in one glorious entry. Besides, again, it’s too much of a pain in the ass to post every entry to every site over and over again.

I was looking at 30+ WordPress Plugins To Get More Blog Readers and started discovering some new sites for blogging. Now, from the article, I saw some of the tricks that I had already started doing like cross publishing my posts. However, when I have tried email publishing widgets, they never work. I’m trying DJ Email Publish again though because if this actually worked, it would save me some time. Unfortunately not all blogging services offer email publishing so I’ll still have to go to each and every site where I have an account and cut and paste my entry from w.bloggar to their editor. (No, w.blogger doesn’t want to cooperate either and it won’t let me set it up for all of my blog account sites. So annoying. But now there is an updated version so maybe if I mess with that for a bit, I can get something set up so it’s easier for me.)
Anyway, next they talk about feed and I’ve pretty much got that one covered, as far as I can tell. There are still a lot of sites and tools that I haven’t used yet, so I’ll have to look into it but otherwise I’m at least somewhere on the map with my feed published. Social bookmarking; same as feed. I have some but not a lot.
I want someone to create a client that lets you publish and share to numerous accounts and sites. That way, you can write one post, with one set of tags and use only one client, like w.bloggar that will publish to all of your WordPress, Blogger, MT, Livejournal, etc. websites and add them to your digg,, ma.gnolia, wink, technorati, etc. accounts too. Everything in one packaged deal. Wouldn’t it be lovely? Who is out there that can actually create programs? I need to patent this idea. I’m tired of coming up with inventions and never getting my cash for the royalties. Ha ha.
Incidentally, from, I found so I have two new accounts there to add in my “personal links” blogroll category. I love that my Hi5 layout options were entitled “Punked In” and “Happy Emo Kid.” I signed up for my Vox account. I’m so glad they finally have a free blog service that uses MT. I have always wanted to play around with Movable Type but never could get it to work on any of my sites. I also started searching randomly for photos for my entries with Flickr: Explore!.

And in my own world, I decided that I don’t envy men entirely. They don’t have any idea what it’s like to have conversations with their friends like girls can. They don’t get to talk about what a rat some guys are for treating girls a certain way and how girls are pretty good at spotting the rats fairly quickly. I’ve had some interesting chats with some of my friends lately and sadly I had to be one of the ones to give relationship advice. I actually had to explain; “Sex changes everything and some men use women for sex. They just see it differently. Call it for what it is and don’t call him again.” Sigh…I don’t think everyone, men and women included in this group, understands how disappointing it is to find out that there are people in the world who just don’t care about telling the truth. They have to learn it on their own.
Plus,with girls, there’s the shopping talk, the movie talk, the family talk, the work talk…all of it. Even the America’s Next Top Model talk; men just don’t understand how fun all of this stuff really is. It gives us a comforting, self satisfaction to be as feminine as possible. Only girls can understand the need for a circle of friends to discuss such things. For example, I had to email the gals on this one. Only they understand how freaking hot Henry Cavill looks in this: The Tudors: New Season Coming in 2008
Dear Lord, how I do those these beautiful British men…Sigh…

Photo credit: northernstar


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