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You kill me with your charms November 29, 2007

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This week’s assignment for my class is to find a news article and write a story based on someone in the article. The professor wants the article to be “preferably international.” Since I only read entertainment and celebrity and local news, my options are a little limited. I have never travelled outside the US (except to take that short car ride through Tijuana ) so how in the world could I write something about another country, in the perspective of someone who is not an American? Yeah, yeah, stretch my perceptions I suppose but isn’t the rule to “write what you know?” Ugh…whatever.

As I pissed around online, looking for some kind of article (no luck yet, by the way) I found Blog Strings and Dear Rockers (which I will have to contribute to and post here) courtesy of Pop Candy I also found Youtube Widgetbox but since the server was down I ended up with the simpler My YouTube Favorites instead. I added some Dave Chappelle and She Wants Revenge videos to try it out.

Okay, so I wrote a narrative for an article. It was the local one about the lady dumping her mother’s body alongside the road so she could keep getting the retirement checks by not reporting the death. I hate that the best shit I do is totally fucking weird. Ah, maybe it’s a gift.

All right, lemme go outside to smoke, making sure I have on my long jammie bottoms and completely unattractive while I pray that George doesn’t show up to ogle me. Seriously, aren’t their laws against this shit anymore?

Just got into a fight with my parents. I swear, I need to not talk to them for a week.
What Laura said helped though: “Don’t worry. You are not like them, so don’t fall into the trap they set for you in making you thing that you are the crazy one.”
I just get tired of having to explain to my mother that I’m not their friend or their marriage counselor, I’m their daughter. Apparently it’s all in the same in my family. Sigh… Now I know how Drew Barrymore felt in that movie where she divorced her parents. At least I could ask for alimony and child support to tide me over.

And I got a bill from my school for my class. After all that back and forth crap of them saying they would send me the tuition money in a check and make me responsible for it later on, or keeping the money at the school and it was available when I needed it (this was the last option I agreed to by the way but they still sent the check.) Now I don’t remember where I put the check so I can pay my tuition. Because I am a scatterbrain. It’s like all this shit I have is so useless that I don’t care what I do with it so I just put it anywhere. Stupid bills. I tried to keep all of them in a shoe box but the cat got into them and made a mess, now I just throw the white envelopes anywhere. Even when I put something I want to keep in plain sight, like this check, I still end up throwing it somewhere so it gets hidden among all the other crap.

I actually got a reply email from Full Sail, asking me to do a questionnaire about being an educator. It’s funny, when you get older and more cynical, you don’t get as happy thinking that “this may be it!” or afraid to do something because you know if it goes wrong, there isn’t anything you can do about it. Fran and I had this conversation yesterday, actually. The worst feeling is knowing that you can’t do anything about something when you want control. Not having control, knowing what’s going to happen or not being able to do in order to get what you want is a very impotent feeling. And I wish I had understood this whole concept earlier in life but of course I didn’t and now that I’m older and wiser and went through my little life lesson, I do know. I know that if something is or is not going to happen, no matter how much I’m told that it just means I’m not doing enough, or good enough or whatever, then I can’t really do anything about it. But I sent the questionnaire back, had Laura edit it for me so…fingers crossed I guess.
I’m so freaking bored all day that I want to work. TV is boring as hell since the strike started. I don’t want to go out and drink and bother with hanging out at the club; I wish I could want to do that but I’m just so over it that I can’t even make myself care anymore. Working would give me something other than sitting at the computer and reading and eating and taking a nap and having to fight with my mother for kicks. I even considered taking up drinking last night but was too bored to bother with that either. Hey, at least I’m not just in it for the money.

I added another blog site for cross linking (as good or as bad as it may be):

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