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You’re nothing till the weekend November 12, 2007

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Well, thanks to Friday night’s Anti*Pop 2007 at The Social, I now know who IAMX is. No, as I explained to the girl in the bathroom, I was not excited about seeing them because I had no idea who they were until I looked them up online. I came for The Hourly Radio and I really could have cared less about the headliner. (I wonder how often that happens, when second billing introduces the first.) But IAMX was interesting and the music was cool and I could totally dance to it at the club (as, apparently, everyone else at The Social believed.) But, The Hourly Radio was good and all I expected them to be.

Like Fran said (God love her for her observations) the singer, Aaron Closson, actually looked out and connected with the audience, whereas the first band’s singer didn’t do more than keep his head down and slur the “f” word through his sips of Pabst Blue Ribbon. (But they’re from Kentucky, so, it’s understandable.) Anyway, AC’s ability to sing pitch-perfect throughout the whole song, even if he mentioned technical difficulties, proved that the band has the “it” factor. The drummer, Adam, was intense, the guitar player, Ryan, was very cool and the bass player looks like our friend Jim, from FBI, back in the day; never can remember what his band’s name was because he changed it a few times. At any rate, they’re all good compliments. I thought I knew who everyone in the band was but apparently it was the guitar player, not the bassist, whom I actually got an email from one day about that post I made for ClearBlogs. Good to know.

I liked the new song a lot too. I was most excited about the band walking around me all night. Of course, I never said anything; even when the singer hung outside by us before the show started and when they all hung out in the back before the show started. I just thought it was cool that I could hang out with guys who, when you asked them what they did for a living, would reply with, “I’m a musician.” I’ve known tons of people who play music, but none who are actually paid to do so. Anyway, after the show, we decided to be official Orlando groupies for the band. I wonder if that entails any kind of actual work on our parts.

Then IAMX came out and we stood by the front door to leave after we watched them play a few songs. They were interesting, yes, and I’m intrigued enough to buy a CD now that I’ve heard about them from said girl in the bathroom and the excitement of the crowd. I remember someone telling me years ago that The Sneaker Pimps was the best show he had ever seen, so now I had the hands on knowledge for myself. I remember that conversation then went into how I should move elsewhere from the club and go see bands and experience music outside of my comfort zone. I guess if I had people to go with me more often, I would do just that. But, as life is now, it’s us in our “real life” struggling to find an out and we left early, went to the club, talked to some people and left by two. I had to escape to the bathroom when they played Dee-Lite. I got snippy with the new bouncer who wanted me to keep my Corona on the table next to the upstairs bathrooms. I told him, “no, because people will mess with it.” It was explained to me later that it’s because of the underage kids taking alcohol into the bathrooms, or having someone bring it to them there. Of course. So irritating to have to change my routine because of someone else’s behavior. But it wasn’t like I was in any big “yay” moment with that whole Dee-Lite thing going on downstairs. Bleck. That made us decide to “never go to the club on Fridays again.” What a waste of a good night to play that kind of crap.

The joke for the night was my comment on what other girls in the past have told me about how to pick up a guy; a novel idea for girls like us who never go out to throw ourselves into the meat market. I told them that what I was told is; you act like you’re having fun, giggle, smile and look fun and guys will approach you. The whole night we had moments of dip-shit-ness to pass the time and act out our professed acting jobs. Too bad the idea of passing a note to the handful of cute guys I saw downtown that night wouldn’t do the trick. Eh, I didn’t have my notebook and pen on me anyway. {shrug}

Afterwards, we walked to Planet Pizza, which was packed, drove by IHOP, Steak and Shake and Denny’s, then decided to just make a Wendy’s run, got gas and took our sweet time getting home. It was 56 outside when I got back into my car and on my way home so I took a hot shower and scrubbed the smoky club smell from my hair before getting into bed and sleeping soundly for a good six hours. I couldn’t go back to sleep as much as I tried, as is always the case in my after drinking days anymore and I spent Saturday lying on the couch, watching TV. I’ve had the worst time shaking off the grogginess of a hang over anymore. It’s not even from drinking a lot and I only drink beer anymore anyway, but man, I just am not use to it anymore. I cannot imagine downing shots or mixed drinks like I use to. It’s probably better that way. Hell, a margarita at a Mexican restaurant to go along with my dinner makes me need a nap directly after.

In other news, I figured out that the deadline for submissions was Saturday instead of today, so I don’t have to concern myself with any book reviews or new short stories just yet. It’s a damn shame because I knew I would pissed at myself if I didn’t submit to the school’s lit journal but, eh, I knew I would flake on it anyway. I don’t know why I have such a hard time committing to anything. Like if I work hard and put myself in some kind of situation I’ll do well and have to keep working on it to maintain my momentum. It’s a weird feeling. Like not wanting to jump into the river because you know you’ll just be treading water instead of letting the force take you downstream.

While we’re on the subject of money, I did get some money from school the day after I wrote the last post complaining about how the school denied me my fair share of funds. It’s not enough to keep me going at this rate for long and, honestly, I don’t even think it will get me through Christmas, but I keep applying to the community colleges in hopes of finding some kind of income. I keep buying $10 pizzas so I’ll have food for two days rather than one. It sucks and it’s not great for my diet either. No wonder my jeans are so snug these days. This starving artist bit is losing its mystique rather quickly.

Stupidly, I took a nap instead of watching The Big Bang Theory last week and I mistakenly set my VCR (no, I don’t have TiVo, dammit) to take the wrong channel. Much to my dismay, I realized I had taped a full episode of Wheel of Fortune instead and missed the Halo episode, which was supposedly the best so far. I can’t believe I missed Sheldon and his Dorothy Parker reference. Dammit. Oh well, maybe the Writer’s Strike will make it possible for me to see re-runs sooner than later. At least tonight’s episode shows Koothrappali’s blind date being more interested in Sheldon, so it should be good. I’m glad they’re agreeing with me on the notion that Sheldon is making this show.

“You laugh now, but wait until you need tech support.”

Photo credit: sint (I didn’t even think to bring a camera in to take pictures myself.)


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