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Burning a way to me October 24, 2007

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I gave the Red Cross a donation to help the firemen in California and the millionaires who need my $20 to help save their homes. I couldn’t imagine being a fireman or a policewoman and I can’t imagine how scary that would be to have a husband or wife with that job.
I emailed my cousin and one of my friends to ask if things were okay where they are. I think they both live in Central California though, so hopefully all is well with them. I haven’t gotten any replies yet though so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on.
And because I like to promote things that I like, The Big Bang Theory has been signed on to do a complete 22 episode season. Very nice. The next episode is for Halloween and terribly right on for the occasion: The Middle-Earth Paradigm . The credits said it was a female writer who did the show, which is moderately impressive even though it wasn’t as funny as the first two episodes. The whole feel to it is “Frasier” mixed with “That 70s Show.” It’s the dialogue that they give Sheldon that what makes the show so funny (in my humble opinion.)
And because this is Florida where public school is always a form of dramatic interest, look at these headlines:

Let’s see…what else? Oh yes:
The guy from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club wants to be Jack White and it ain’t gonna happen: Ain’t No Easy Way
The article on the 25 Awesome Action Heroes was interesting, especially naming Jean Reno from The Professional and Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I just love that man…
Anyway, there’s nothing else much to mention over here. PayPal won’t refund me my full lost amount and I filled out a survey telling them about how if you’re supposed to be insured for using your bank account then they should refund all of your money. I removed my bank info from my account too. I’m not chancing that shit anymore. Suck though, because my credit cards are so maxed that I don’t even think I could get a tank of gas with any of them if I tried.
My loan money won’t be paid out until “a later date.” The wildfires are keeping the campuses closed so I still can’t contact anyone to see what’s going on with that.
I have to get my prescriptions renewed at the doctor’s tomorrow afternoon. Same thing every month: “You doing good? Yeah? Okay, here you go. See ya later.”
Oh and I’m trying to set up my domain mirror at
And Saturday night may be our night to go out and celebrate Halloween. I doubt that I’ll dress up. It’s not that I don’t love it still, I just don’t have the heart to care about trying to make a costume look the way I want it to anymore. (Hell, that’s the way I feel about every outfit I wear anymore.) Anyway, it’s sad how holidays lose their spice as I get older.


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