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Take me in and dry the rain October 21, 2007

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I always liked Dry The Rain. Someone a long time ago put it on a mix tape they made for me and I never listen to it anymore. It’s just plain sad. Good, but sad.
So, for my list of info on this rainy Sunday afternoon I will jot down the following information:

It’s raining outside again. I’m loving this time of year when it’s reading “80” or even “77” on the temperature gage on the car’s dashboard. Plus the rain and waiting for maybe a couple of hurricanes this season to shake us up a bit. If we don’t have any this year, I think it will be a first of absolutely nothing; no scares, no boarding up, no evacuations, no supplies, no tracking…none. I can’t remember an August through October stint where we didn’t have some of that going on.

I’m sick. Well, I’m coming down with sickness. That stupid cold that everyone has had for two weeks has finally found its way into my bloodstream so I’m stuffy and tired and icky feeling. Instead of going out last night, I made an OJ run at Circle K late last night. I got Tropicana and Sun Chips to which the cashier said, “Well, I guess if you’re going to eat junk food, you might as well eat healthy junk food, right?”

I was going to switch nameservers for the site and I did yesterday but after I discovered that I had to re-install WordPress all over again to do it, I went back to the old nameserver with everything already set up. I guess if this web host goes down, I’ll have a back up plan.
PayPal is going to make the decision about my $300 refund today. I guess the seller has until midnight to respond. Again, I have no idea why I have to wait this long to get my freaking cash back.

My school loan money supposedly “should be posted directly to your account on the 19th.” I never get my money put in directly for some reason, even though I filled out the information for direct deposit. I guess the little left over from my tuition should come in the mail next week. Thank God.

I paid some of my credit card bills though so I’m not a total deadbeat. My name isn’t cleared by any stretch, but at least I’m paying them something to keep myself clean for a month or so.

I still need to vaccuum, change the cat’s litter box, eat some chicken soup, go to Mom’s, watch a movie I have from Blockbuster Direct and write the two book reviews and the other story I wanted to get done for the lit journal. The deadline is November 11th or something, so I have time. I just want to get to work again. I haven’t felt like it at all in the past few days. My mind is concentrating only only sleep and ingesting large amounts of liquid.

I’m bored as hell though. It’s pretty sad when you’re bored enough to miss work.

I had a dream journal that I was going to write in because some of these things that came up in my subconscious were pretty good, but I haven’t been writing in it recently. I’ve had lots of dreams though and one or two could be write-worthy but, eh, just another thing I don’t feel like doing right now.

I still have to call one of my friends to catch up. She called the week before last and I never called back to chat. At least I’m emailing people again instead of going on social hiatus like I usually do.
I know Halloween is coming up, but, man, can it already be time for November? Thanksgiving and freaking Christmas already? Hell, at least this Christmas won’t be as traumatic as last Christmas when I was getting my freaking gall bladder taken out and dealing with the Work According to Satan every day in that hell pit they called a school.

And I think George Costanza has stopped hanging outside my patio. I complained on him again last week to the superintendent so hopefully I can sit outside and smoke without worrying I’ll be peeped on. I started taking a book out there with me to read every time so I could distract myself with words other than the ones in my head that want to scream out in the form of, “Fuck you, you intrusive little shit!”

I was just writing about how it’s annoying when I don’t feel like doing what I should be doing. Like I had thrown myself into writing mode that I was tapped out. As I was typing that line up, the electricity did it’s favorite on and off flicker, and my screen went blank, then to reboot. Yup. That’s exactly how it feels.

I hadn’t figured out what was so great about IE 7Pro until then. Too bad it doesn’t stop random IE crashes and freezes. Is it because of the tab function that they made in Internet Explorer now? I like to have all of the websites I’m referring to, laid out seperately. Maybe it’s too much for IE to deal with at one time.

Dammit. I spoke too soon about George. Time to leave, yet another, message with the office, “The tenent in apartment such-and-such is hanging outside of my apartment again.” Sigh… Don’t they have some other low income housing somehwere nearby that he can take up residence?

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