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I write these stupid words and I love every one. October 14, 2007

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Since I have now written at least two things online other than blog posts, I decided to make a page where I can list the writing I’ve done for other sites.

October 13, 2007
Bearing Witness
This is my entry for the Flash Fiction Contest on

October 12, 2007
Music Players: So your posts won’t fall on deaf ears…
This is my first freelance “job” I did as a request from the Staff at in their Tips to Improve your Blog section.

In regular news, Fran and I are going to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age even though the critics didn’t give it good reviews. It’s just a movie I can’t not see.
And since it’s about time for me to eat some soup (can’t have a full stomach right before popcorn time), get ready and head on over to Fran’s for our girl’s movie night, I’ll comment on the movie and post this when I get back.


All right, let’s get to it.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age was not that great. And I’m way into the history of the British royal family lineage and the first movie was my favorite but, this didn’t knock my socks off. I agree with the critics on this one. It was pretty and Cate Blanchett was superb (as usual) but it wasn’t as good as the first one. First of all, the prequel movie had that all impressing doom theme from the start. It was fairly close to historical fact (yes, I’ve read and studied this stuff in the past) and even though they romanticized some of it, the menace was there. I’m still in love with Christopher Eccleston‘s character as The Duke of Norfolk. He was such a badass in that movie and in the end, he got what he deserved. The build up was good, the script was well done and all in all it was an excellent movie.
Second of all, as I’ve spent some time searching on Elizabeth I @ Wikipedia, I’ve found a bunch of inconsistencies to the film and historical fact. Granted, I can see that all the people and the events that really happened would be confusing for a single film but, come on, if there’s this much going on, the movie would have been more in depth, more interesting and better all around had they thrown all this stuff into the mix. The favorite of Elizabeth at this time was Robert Devereux and the movie gives no mention of him. I’m assuming that they wanted to add his personage, along with Francis Drake‘s whole part in burning the ships of the Spanish Armada into the scandalous stuff of Walter Raleigh, otherwise known as the hot pirate character of Clive Owen.
And, by the way, the character of Bess Throckmorton played by Abbie Cornish is sort of annoying. They played up this whole mother-daughter relationship with her and Elizabeth so you had to be upset when she betrayed her. She had way too much space in this movie.
I’d give it a “B-” all in all. Not horrible, not excellent.
Forgive me, Your Majesty, I have failed you. — my user review for Yahoo! Movies.

Incidentally, the funniest part of the night was Fran cracking up at the trailer for Love in the Time of Cholera because she had never heard of it before and thought the title was hilarious. (When I said, “at least they didn’t make a movie based on Memories of My Melancholy Whores” so thought I was making that title up.) I have already been excited about his because we studied Gabriel García Márquez as an undergrad. You see, without the writers, there would be no good movies. That makes me look at celebs in a totally different light. I felt not so less-than when I realized this truth.
We’re also jazzed about seeing Atonement because I love James McAvoy now. Our friend told us that it was the most boring book she’d ever read (it looked like a UK version of Cold Mountain honestly, but she assured us that the guy’s character in this one doesn’t die, so it’s okay.
And on a final movie note, releasing Nightmare Before Christmas 3D is a damn brilliant idea. I’m not going to rush to the theater to see it or anything, but that’s just cool that Tim Burton came up with that one in time for Halloween. All Hot Topic shoppers can rejoice in their 3D glasses.


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