she knew she had to change her plans

You can hear a piano fall October 12, 2007

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From: The White Stripes newsletter team []
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2007 2:58 PM
“The tricks of today are the truths of tomorrow.” – Man Ray X XV MMVII

Jack…what the hell, son?!?

Anyway, I spent most of the day working on my playlist above. Good times.
I wrote a story this week (actually finished it, so I’m encouraged by my own productivity.)
I also wrote some random crap this morning :


The plan was, as I lay in my bed, thinking of reasons why I should get up, was that I could walk out here to the computer and type up some things for the journal without carrying what I was typing. I should try the free-writing activity I read about the other day saying that you should set a timer for ten minutes, walk away from the timer and type without distraction or care or proximity of the timer to distract you. Hell, I free writer every time I write anything (well, in a way.) I just type and type and have no real direction. It helps sometimes to just get the words out, the pictures out and the sentences that get all tangled up in my brain loose so they can escape me. That’s my reason for writing anything most of the time. That and wanting to use all of the junk stores up inside me for a good cause.
I still have my regular leather bound journal that I try to wirte in at least once a day. It’s not that I have nothing better to do, it’s just that I forget. I had a couple of dreams last night but I didn’t write them in my dream journal. I don’t write anything in my dream journal lately; the dreams are either quickly forgotten, trite or embarrassing. I had a dream about forgetting something and it was catastrophic. For some reason I think I was getting married or something but who knows now. That was an hour ago when I had the dream.
I had set my alarm clocks to nine and nine-thirty so I could get up at a decent time and not feel depressed for sleeping in until three in the afternoon like I did yesterday. Plus, I’ve gained visible weight and look very bloated like a bull frog so I have to get back on the routine of waking in the morning and not eating anything until evening. I ate a lot in the evening, but not late. Just like dinner and leftovers before the clock strikes midnight. That makes the weight go away. It makes the weight come back if I do what I’ve been doing for the past week and eating peanut butter candy (those damn Reese peanut butter cups) and fast food every night. More than likely the comnbination of deep fried peanut butter and chocolate has become the culprit for my old faithful jeans to feel tight.
I actually had a compulsion to take a walk last night. I didn’t of course but I felt like I could. I went out to my car and I had to park far away by the building across from my the night before, so getting to my car yesterday was a longer walk than I take anywhere other than the mall. The air was crisp and not so sticky and it made me feel giddy like I was when I was a little girl; when it became Fall, recess was so much more fun. Breathing in that coolness through your nose and not feeling irritated by the weathers heat or humidity or bitter wind or rainy downpour. It’s just simply perfect.

I remember another dream. They wanted me to do math. I was in a classroom at a desk and I had pencils and numbers and charts all in front of me and I had to do this to pass my class and get my graduate degree. I was furious and told them flat out that I wouldn’t even attempt to do it because my brain just doesn’t accept numbers like that. In the dream it was that my whole plan and hopeful dream was crushed. You know, something totally out of the ordinary. :-/
P.S. Thanks to the Orlando City Guide for the link back.


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