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There’s a club, if you’d like to go October 8, 2007

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Upon the news of Necropolis changing to Thursday night from the traditional Wednesday night and the whole shambles that has become Downtown Orlando’s nightlife, I shall insert today’s email vent on the subject:

I’m really upset about this. If the goth night goes, then what the hell will everyone do? I plan on going this Thursday just to show my support.
It’s just stupid as hell. First of all, they tried to have indie night on Thursdays before and it didn’t work. Wednesday night has been goth night forever. When it was Thursdays it was with the other DJ from Tampa (who is friends with VNV Nation and is credited on one of their albums, by the way) and that was, like 7 years ago.
But if Thursdays works out as far as people being more willing to go out because they’d only have one day of work to look forward to after being out at night, that is fine. Also, like Dave said, he’ll be playing earlier, which is way better. He is the one everyone comes to hear because, as I pointed out to him, he is the one who is giving us all the up to date, new stuff that we want to hear. It’s like the whole Orlando goth scene has been geared towards and fed by his tastes in music for the last five years. If he goes, the whole thing will fall apart because he keeps this stuff current and isn’t sitting there playing the same old shit over and over and boring everyone.
Now, the owner has said over and over that he was going to get rid of goth night and I’m guessing it’s because of the select group that contributes to the scene, plus the negative stereotype that it gets from the general public. It’s not that I don’t totally understand the need for money to keep these places up and running and doing the best thing for your own financial security is a top priority. But there is a demand and there needs to be a place for us to go to have this kind of music. Tampa is crawling with goths, so why would he even consider getting rid of the night when, obviously, week days in the Fall are not very profitable all around? The only reason Friday and Saturday is so good is because there are drunk dumb asses walking around downtown and they can either go to a handful of places. They could care less if we were playing “Come on Eileen” or “Flies on the Windscreen.” Those stupid people make fun of the side room when they walk through on the weekends and we pray that they continue their way back upstairs. Yeah, they put money into the club because all they want to do is get drunk and hook up with someone there. Then we can scoff and laugh but be grateful for the entertainment and all is harmonious.
Like I said, the whole freaking downtown area is screaming for a makeover. They are getting the most money at the freaking booty club that the NSync guy owns and then they wonder why there are so many shootings in the parking garage and the police have to escort them off the sidewalk every night at 3 in the morning. The emo, punk, rockabillie, goth freaks aren’t the ones they have to worry about. Hell, they got rid of Yab Yum because it was causing so much draw to the gutter punks and it wasn’t bringing in money, just people. Had they been smart, they would have made a place that was affordable to eat and drink in instead of trying to change it up with retro themed jazz bars where the tater tots cost $7. What in the hell are these people thinking? I don’t even know what they even have on Wall Street anymore because the whole low key, sit down and socialize vibe is gone. Even Friday nights at the club up front use to be good for that and now we can’t. Hence, people stop going because of their “normal” life because no one is there to hang out with anymore because the whole damn thing is overrun with thugs.
And don’t even get me started about Church Street. OMG. That place is dead whereas it use to be very busy not that many years ago. Now it’s a bunch of beautiful empty buildings with homeless people and hookers wandering around. That use to be the place the freaking frat boys and sorority girls could go and leave us to our funk all on our own. Now they have no place else to go, UCF is growing like rapid and now that they’ve made the whole Computer Science building is working on a College of Medicine, and the only cool place is the club or the two booty clubs. Firestone has started up again, which is good, and I think, even though the money is getting pulled from the club over to them for indie night, it will eventually even out. If they have places to go, the people will come into the area again to hang out. Not that it’s going to be like it use to be, but all the bars and the cool places they use to have are gone and we’re left with shit that is geared towards the crappy mass population. It’s not like there isn’t a huge goth/punk/indie/rock/emo scene in Orlando that needs various venues and clubs.
That’s it. I’m running for Mayor. When we make my campaign buttons, I want sparkly red and black ones.

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