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Rock on gold dust woman October 4, 2007

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Dear Blog, what is there to tell?
I haven’t written in a couple days because the notion just hasn’t struck me. There’s been nothing new or interesting or type worthy going on so I just haven’t written any of it in post format. I suppose I can go on the list route again:

  • My Advanced Fiction class started on Monday. I actually did the intro, responded to two intros and read both of the reading assignments all ready.
  • I ordered a camera on the 24th and it still hasn’t come yet. The guy on Ebay that I bought it from claims that he shipped it already but it hasn’t come yet. I don’t think it takes something almost two weeks to get to Florida from Delaware. If it doesn’t show up by next Monday, that will be a full two weeks and $300 I got robbed from me. Then I can do the oh so fun reporting and arguing with the dude about not getting my shit.
  • Topher Grace is going out with a twenty one year old girl. WTF?
  • George Costanza, my annoying neighbor, had a notice on his front door but it’s gone now. Damn, I’m hoping he’s getting evicted or something. Maybe the girl on our floor complained about him too or something.
  • I went to Wal Mart late last night and bought a lot of Fall long sleeved shirts that were cute but I don’t need them yet. But when I do, by God, I’ll be ready!
  • I also bought two frozen pizzas and have eaten both of them already.
  • And I dyed my hair a dark auburn this time. I was hoping it would be close to my normal color again but no dice. Next time I’ll do the warm auburn because it’ll have those golden and red highlights in it like I use to have when I was a kid.
  • And it saddens me to find out that “Gold Dust Woman” has been redone by Sheryl Crowe. Why? Why do these country music people remake songs that were already done by good rock bands years ago? Why?
  • And by the way, I’ve noticed that now when I search for legitimate photos for my entries I have to type in such things as “Hole” or “Sex City” and I come up with the porniest porn imaginable. I don’t care if it’s out there but, come on, do you have to let Google searches get cluttered up with it? Honest, the worst pics were of Courtney Love doing her naked business all over the screen. Yup. That’s class for ya.
  • But she looks cool in this pic. That’s the way I would want to look if I weren’t afraid of plastic surgery. I’ve always wanted to look more dramatic like that. But I suppose it’s all about red lipstick and white satin dresses and a hospital visit for an overdose rather than surgery to get that effect.
  • Everything I’ve watched on TV lately has been sad. It’s put me in a sour mood which sucks because nothing is really wrong. I guess it’s just the lack of job and lack of boy and lack of publication and lack of recognition and lack of “wow your cool” that comes out when I see some damn teary jerky movie on Lifetime. Sigh…
  • I still keep wanting books though. Right now I have a list on Amazon of crap I want and I’m so tempted to just order it and keep my fingers crossed that my credit card will let go through but I won’t.
  • We really need a big bookstore over here. We need a damn Borders is what we need so I can use this rewards card and sit and read magazines and drink coffee and type on my laptop and only have to drive down the street from my apartment to do it. I should write Borders and tell them that. I wonder if they would do it. We have all this freaking land and this new strip mall with Target. Why can’t we have a freaking decent bookstore here?
  • Light in August, Jude the Obscure, Impulse, A Woman Trapped in a Woman’s Body, Music for Chameleons, Why Kerouac Matters, and Being and Nothingness.
  • I found Kevin Christy’s art website. I guess he has a hotmail address. I wouldn’t know what to say to him anyway except “hi” back. Eh, maybe I should just for the hell of it. I saw him on For Your Consideration a little while back. I think that was the most interesting part of the whole movie for me.
  • I found a song I like the best of The Hourly Radio. As I commented for the video, I like his voice in this one best.
  • We have Morrissey and them during the first week of November to see. I’m still wondering if I’m going to brave She Wants Revenge alone.
  • I hate it when someone says something critical and they just say to say it without any regard to how it’ll effect you and then you sit around for days being irritated by it. And you want to say something back and retort but it doesn’t matter because they didn’t care enough in the first place to make such an asinine statement. It’s so frustrating and I hate it. Fucking boys and the fucking club…
  • My older beta fish died the other day. I keep the tank running though because I like the sound at night.
  • Night? What the hell am I talking about? I sleep whenever the hell I feel like it. Actually I got up at a reasonable time today.
  • I saw the Sex and the City movie pics of the wedding scene. Looks very cool. I think I will actually go to the matinee on the day it opens and just watch it alone so I can take it all in without talking to Fran and getting myself distracted.
  • I have the new Microsoft 6000 mouse. The only problem is, it’s too tall for my keyboard shelf so when I shut it, the top scroll button gets pushed and my computer won’t turn on the screen saver after a while.
  • I totally gave up on the keyboard. The keys were split up for each hand and I figured out that I cross over when I type, like I would when I play the piano. I had to go back to the regular keyboard instead because I was too distracted by where my fingers were when I typed that I could just let my train of thought flow like I usually do.
  • Speaking of being distracted, this post took longer than I expected.


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