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And he goes by the name, Justin September 13, 2007

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I’ve decided that I like Justin Timberlake. Not his music so much, and not his style (I’m just not into the thug, b-boy shit at all) but he actually has a freaking personality. I’m sure he’s probably an arrogant ass but at least he acts like he’s not taking himself too seriously at all times. He actually smiles, like he’s enjoying himself, when he’s on stage. And, come on, that SNL episode with him as the host was classic.
At this week’s Mtv VMAs, he was the only one who wasn’t trying to act like a pretentious pimp. He jumped up and down, smiled, gave some “yay!s” and generally looked like he was totally comfortable being different than everyone else. (And then he even said he was sick on top of that but still maneaged to have a good time.)
When I read Lesley Afrin‘s book, she said that Justin Timberlake was the only nice celebrity that she met while working as a stylist. He even called her sister for her, so she could talk to him. I totally believe it. Even if it’s a put on, it’s a good put on. He seems like a cool guy.
I don’t think he’s super hot or listen to his music at all (okay, yes, I have “Sexy Back” on a CD I made, but that’s my only guilty pleasure…along with Britany Spears’ “Toxic”…yes, I’ve danced to them both at least once in a drunken, “why the hell not” moment at the club.) I honest am confused as to why the boy never has his shirt on in pictures (but hell, if I were a boy and I looked like that, I’d probably run around topless too.) And I’m sure this whole fame thing has gone straight to his head. I mean, you take a cute guy and then turn them into the biggest white boy pop star on the planet. There’s definately little effort in creating an inflated ego in a young guy’s mind.
But, again, he’s likeable, with or without the music. He’s likeable with or without his shirt. He’s always smiling and not afraid to act silly. He could have totally been a snob and given off the aura of “I’m better than all of you and I know it” but he doesn’t. He gives off the aura of “okay, let me see what I can do this time to make you guys smile.” That’s extremely cool. Good job, Justin!
Justin Timberlake SNL Moments – Part 1
Justin Timberlake SNL Moments – Part 2
Justin Timberlake SNL Moments – Part 3
Justin Timberlake & Kelly Osbourne — Punk’d
And how can I not make a “Justin Timberlake Best Of…” list without including: SNL – Digital Short – A Special Christmas Box The best part is…he even does this song live at shows. Now that’s classy.
P.S. This is my first entry for my “tel·e·vi·sion” category. If Lost didn’t take its sweet ass time starting a new season, I would have had this category filled already.


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