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I forgot to remember to forget September 11, 2007

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“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

It is Red White and Blue day here in our public eye. I don’t have anything really touching or significant that I can say about the subject but it’s today and I have to say something. This still upsets me. It still makes me cry. Looking at the pictures of the ceremony and remembering watching the news footage in my dorm apartment still shakes me.
And I’m still pissed. We all should be.
Today middle school kids far and wide and given the important lesson of September 11th. Teachers, like myself, freaked out last year at the kids’ disinterest in watching the news coverage about the anniversary on TV. They made the comment of “So, people died. We get it. What’s the big deal?” Yeah, I don’t think I ever yelled like that in my life. I’ve been told this happened in classrooms for grades 6-12 all over the county. Isn’t anyone teaching their kids anything anymore?
I have no freaking tolerance for people voicing the opinion that “we need to get over it.” Do they have a freaking conscious at all? This wasn’t just something bad that happened, this was the bad thing that happened. This is our Pearl Harbor. This is our Hiroshima.
Get over yourself. As if this has no freaking relevance at all to your life right now. Please.
Heads bow in memory of 9/11 victims
In 9/11 remembrance, a turning to good deeds
Families of September 11

“Just so long as we continue to do something special every year, so you don’t wake up and say, ‘Oh, it’s 9/11.’ ”
In all, 2,974 victims were killed by the Sept. 11 attacks: 2,750 connected to the World Trade Center, 40 in Pennsylvania and 184 at the Pentagon. Those numbers do not include the 19 hijackers.


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