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Cool as ice cream September 9, 2007

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So I was totally going to write a post earlier today but now it’s tomorrow and I really don’t feel like taking any time to make a long post. I went to Target with Fran (remember the rule: I am not to go to Target alone. Ever. I spent $80 and half of it was on this super cute jumper, a white t-shirt and a gray cargo skirt that I reasoned will be part of my birthday gift that my parents can say they bought for me. (This system has worked in the past few years as my mother never picks anything that is my taste, nor does she shop as much as I do, so I pick what I want and give it to her for her to give back to me in my birthday. At least that way I can get what I want. The down side is that I don’t get anything special or surprising. Oh well, oh well, oh well.)

Fran and I went in the intention of picking out a baby shower gift and some gifts for the nieces and nephew’s collective birthday party tomorrow night at her brother’s. This just means that we spent two hours playing with toys and making fun of the baby things (everything had a brand name that was like “Binkie” or “Burbie” or “Boppie” or something equally as humorous.) What I found interesting was that as we looked through these cutesy things, a baby in the store was screaming its head off for 20 minutes. I commented that I can’t stand having the TV on too loud, let alone listen to a baby scream like that. I don’t know how the Mommies of the world do that, but, as Fran said, they probably just block it out like she does anymore. True. We also found the Transformers Mr. Potato Head that we bought for the 5 year old and an “Awesome 80’s” CD for the 13 year old. The CD was a hard choice but the one we chose had The Cure, Elvis Costello and The Smiths so we couldn’t really argue with that over Toni Basil and Soft Cell.

Aside from the birthday party tomorrow that I may or may not go to (it’s the whole possibility of eating cake that lures me to these functions) we are going to the Knights of Columbus benefit on Saturday night. We will be on a mission, Saturday afternoon, to find party dresses for the prime rib and two free drink extravaganza. Ah, how I love being a pseudo Roman Catholic. They have the best parties. Fran said that some of the ladies wear their “Liza Minnelli sequined dresses…they go all out” so we have to find something fancy than the typical black going out stuff from the closet.

Other than that, I went to my parents’ for pizza and brought the rest home to sit in the fridge and taunt me. I also have a stack of new, cool notebooks that I bought at Target. Those things I just cannot resist. It’s like I have a collection of them just in case one day they decide to really have a paperless society and school supplies become obsolete. I just love them. We never had sparkly skull and cross bone one subject notebooks or thick black spiral bound journals with pictures of Big Ben on them when I was in high school. (Hell, we didn’t even have the concept of the Internet when I was in high school.)

I wonder sometimes if we’re on the cusp of some kind of really important time in history and we just can’t possibly realize what our culture is evolving into. I mean things seem fairly stagnant right now and we don’t have a lot of great things going on anymore. Maybe it’s just being older and not as impressed with what’s going on in the world anymore. I thought about it yesterday and wondered if there are people ten, fifteen years younger who are looking at the world with hope and really getting how much technology and music we have available to us. I wonder if most of them who are like me are more positive and expect more out of their education and their future. I wonder if they drive around at night like I do, looking for something to throw themselves into and make it mean something instead of looking around and thinking, “this really isn’t that great.”

Oh yeah, and I added some pictures to my Flickr “At Night” set.


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