she knew she had to change her plans

We are all still the same dear. August 31, 2007

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Blaqk Audio @ MySpace
I love the “Stiff Kittens” song but I have two qualms with it:
1. The “kick” beat stops after only two smacks. It lessens the edge and makes it not as danceable. I like how it goes back and forth and builds up to the “harder” part, but it just could have been done a little differently.
Oh hell yes. The Assemblage 23 Remix. Nah, that one has the softer beat through the whole song and doesn’t give it any diversity. Eh, oh well.
2. That chorus with “If you show me Heaven…I will meet you there” is way to wish-washy. Apparently it’s an “AFI” thing but there’s a reason why I never listened to this band in the first place. The funny thing is, my boy use to say that AFI was the worst band ever. I wonder if he has the sense to like this song now. I wonder if I taught him anything. Hhmm…

Oh yeah and by the way, my site is not giving me some lovely error message saying “Stack overflow at line: 585”. WTF? I don’t know if it’s a plugin or something else I added last night but all of a sudden it started yelling at me when I was in the “edit” mode. I looked up on the forums for a reason for this error and most people said it was in a plugin. I added FireStats and still tried to figure out (to no avail) how to get the SimpleTagsPlus and Technorati tags to integrate. (How in the hell do you do that???)
UPDATE: I think I got the error message to go away so I could post in here. {fingers crossed}
And, ah, I can feel the fall coming on. It’s pouring down rain and soon we’ll have that hurricane, tropical storm stuff blow through for a while and by mid September we will go outside one morning and walk into a totally unexpected chilly autumn morning. I love, love, love it. It makes me want to dig out my tights and jumper and beret and walk around campus…but I think they would consider that loitering. Sigh…
And tonight I have to go through the first round of manuscripts for my class. I am so not looking forward to this. I think I know which story I’m going to beef up for my submission though. It’s easy for me to go on and on with detail and lengthen a story. It’s a gift. Ha ha.
Oh and yeah, Courtney Love: I Tried to Warn Owen . Of course you did, Courtney. Because she would have something to do with it. {rolling my eyes}


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