she knew she had to change her plans

The thoughts and styles I kick are from a random hat pick. August 30, 2007

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Random stuff for today’s post:

  • Reports: Owen Wilson drops out of movie
  • After reading Lesley Arfin’s Tidbits I thought that since I have two blank pages left in the diary that I use, that I should take pictures of the old journals that I have. Actually I stopped using a diary or even a comp book a few years ago and went back to the standard notebook because it’s easier to write in. I love going through magazines and cutting out pictures to decorate them with (alas, I am a fourteen year old girl at heart…even if I am using Vogue and Elle to find my designs. Since I rescued all of my old notebooks from my parents’ house a few weeks ago, I figured I could make a nice set for Flickr. It would be a fine project to undertake seeing as I’m spending my days asleep and my nights being bored.
  • I started looking around for pictures to take because I always liked to take pictures of abstract, random things that catch my eye.
  • I am searching for a cheap, better camera on EBay too.
  • Yeah, I got up at five o’clock tonight. With this kind of schedule I should be going out again but I just don’t want to bother most of the time. I just have no interest in getting out of bed. Maybe it shoudl be a bartender’s life for me.
  • I also thought about putting some of the writing I do for my classes (at least) on my site somewhere. No one reads this damn thing anyway so I may as well shamelessly try to promote myself as much as possible.
  • Speaking of which…I still need to write my story and notebook entry for my class tonight. Oops. I wonder if procrastination really can be a virtue.
  • I decided that this time I have on my hands is probably a blessing so I can get some more writing done for myself.
  • I’m awaiting my books and t-shirts from Powell’s.
  • I set up accounts to damn near every free blog hosting service available. I’m not sure if the cross posting is good or bad but it can’t hurt to try. (See “personal” links in sidebar.)
  • I won a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker”Boyfriend” jean’s on Ebay. For $33 they’d better fit decently. But my guess is that her version of size 10 Long and my version of size 10 Long is quite different.
  • This is why I decided that I didn’t want to eat anymore. Of course I end up going to my parent’s house for dinner most nights instead.
  • I keep adding links to my favorites. I don’t know if anyone has noticed.
  • Instead of being able to look at Dominic Monaghan next season, I am forced to look at these new people they’re putting on Lost: EW Article: “Lost Scoop”. I’m so annoyed with this show.
  • I have a handful of things wrong with my apartment: the security alarm goes off when a neighbor slams their door shut, the dryer vent is ripped where it attaches to the wall (a fire hazzard for sure) and I have to leave the laundry room door open so it doesn’t get to hot in there, the pipes under my kitchen sink get loose and I have to fix them every couple of days so they don’t leak in the cabinet, and I randomly have guys in the apartments nearby who stand in the breezeway and talk while looking into my patio and through the sliding glass door into my living room. Call me crazy, but that bothers me a bit.
  • It’s almost midnight and I’ve just come home from my parents’ house so I could eat and pick up my mail.
  • It’s time to get back to working on my writing assignments for the week.
  • Damn it! I forgot to put my rent check in the drop box.


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