she knew she had to change her plans

Choose a public place, darling, won’t you let me find thee. August 18, 2007

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Quickly, here’s what I have to say for this entry:

    — Fran, me and some of our fellow townies are going out for Saturday night.
    — I will not go to Target alone, even if I do have a damn good reason to buy a new black skirt for tomorrow’s occasion.
    — I feel like myself again so apparently even Kids’ Dimetapp works.
    — I have some chick in my new class who emails me, thinking I’m the teacher’s assistant.
    — I don’t understand how some people’s brains work.
    — Bought Spin and read the Interpol article. Paul Banks doesn’t get along with any of the band really. He’s a lit major, so he’s probably cool.
    — I got Season Six of Sex and the City to watch again. I decided those are the funniest episodes, especially the ones with Ron Livingston.
    — I got Dad 300. He wasn’t that impressed and said, “The fighting stuff got boring. I mean they never changed how they killed people. There are only so many time that can you watch someone get a spear stuck through them without wanting to see something else.”
    — Went to Target alone yesterday and bought black bathroom towels to go with a black and white shower curtain. Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve bought black housewares. I just wanted to hold the clique off for as long as possible.
    — I was not warned about the availability of Target’s $5 Halloween t-shirts. I never resist. I bought 3.
    — But I didn’t buy any shoes.
    — I get to deal with my evil cat’s yearly check up. I have tranquilizers for him to hopefully make him seem sort of sweet in the public eye.
    — I also get to take my car to get the oil changed on Monday morning. I was suppose to take it 5 thousand miles ago. I forgot.
    — I started reading Throw Like A Girl: Stories. I think I could write at least as well as Jean Thompson based on the three or four stories I’ve read so far. The themes are similar to stuff I come up with and they sort of get in and get out and just end. I write like that for sure.
    — My head still hurts. I wonder if any kind of pain killer will work. Ever.
    — I got IsIs in the mail today from Ebay today. “Down Boy” is damn good. I swear I fall in love with every Yeah Yeah Yeahs single when I first hear it and have to listen to it 20 times before moving on.
    — Found out that my grandmother in Ohio is so worried about her pacemaker that she’s having my aunt take her to the emergency room every day. And people wonder where I get my neurosis from.


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