she knew she had to change her plans

You’re more than in my head. August 15, 2007

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Describe a dream you have had more than once.

The dream I have recurring that is really a nightmare in most senses is the paralyzed dream. Ive told friends, family and my therapist this one. They dont seem to think its so terrible, just weird. They dont understand the horror and inability to go back to sleep once Ive struggled to wake myself up for what seems like hours. Now Ive had read that this is a typical dream that means there is something holding me down that I feel I cant escape from. Iam a control freak, so having a horrifying dream that I am without the capability to move or even scream for help and having total loss of control makes sense. I even try to control myself from not having the paralyzed dream. I make myself paranoid that if I think about having the stupid dream, Ill have it. My dreams are better now though (as I superstitiously knock on wood) that I have a less emotionally crippling job than I use to. I have less worry about not having control over my every day life without a job (which is ironic in a way if I think about it because not having a job should worry me) and each day kind of eases into the next. No struggle for control and no dreams of lying there waiting to be given the grace to wake myself up from my nightmare of being paralyzed. Lying in waiting, fearing staying an unmovable weight or being attacked while I am vulnerable are the themes of my most reoccurring dream.


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